Refurbishment of ICT equipment for purchasing by staff

An online shop specific to your company will be created where your staff can purchase equipment refurbished on your behalf, enabling them to purchase the PC’s or Laptops of their choice, which have been responsibly refurbished and tested. The following is an example of a URL for an online shop:

Consumer Protection ACT (CPA)

  • Under the CPA all equipment sold or donated to consumers need to comply to various standards of which a warranty of at least 6 months is one of them. JUST ECO ensures that all transactions meet the standards if the CPA. All JUST ECO Refurbished and donated equipment (on behalf of the client to a beneficiary of their choice) also carries a 12 month warranty.
  • If you sell a device to someone else, you have to provide them with a responsible recycling solution at the end of life, free of charge, thus the onus remains with you as the original owner to recycle the device responsibly under Section 59 of the Act.
  • You also need to provide support, training and technical expertise in order to provide the new user with a device that performs as reasonably as can be expected for what it was intended to do.
  • JUST ECO takes over all of this responsibility.

You want to empower your staff by selling your redundant ICT assets back to them, but even the thought of this is daunting… JUST ECO removes this burden throughout the entire process.

  • Streamlined hand to hand process, JUST ECO handles the entire process
  • Full transparency of the entire process, the client knows at all times where the equipment is
  • Serial tracking of all equipment, Re-use certificates, Safe Disposal certificates, certificates Data Sanitisation
  • Full compliance to legislation, i.e.: Waste Act, POPI Act, CPA
  • Equipment software re-licensing where needed
  • Factory refurbishment of equipment with a 12 month warranty
  • Cradle to cradle system
  • SLA contract with clearly defined policies & procedures to ensure efficiency
  • CO² emission offsets through refurbishment of redundant ICT equipment
  • National logistics – We can collect equipment throughout South Africa

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