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Asset Recovery and Remarketing

We identify and evaluate IT assets that still have value and facilitate the purchase and resale, helping you recover some of your investment.

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Refurbishment For Donation

Unique industry leading JUST ECO initiative that enables companies to claim valuable BBBEE points. This service comes at NO direct costs to you.

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Refurbishment For Staff

Empower your staff by selling your redundant ICT assets back to them, while we streamline the entire process.

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Safe Disposal & Reycling

IT assets that are no longer functional or have no market value can be recycled to recover valuable materials and reduce environmental impact.

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Data Destruction

Our comprehensive data destruction methods adhere to globally recognized standards, ensuring the complete eradication of all data stored on your devices.

Auditor or internal revenue service staff

We ensure compliance to all legislation and give you peace of mind while knowing that your entire disposal process is taken care of within the scope of any of our services offered.


We Handle The Entire Process And Offer Full Transparency

You Request A Pickup

Requests can be made online or via email. We offer FREE secure nationwide collection.

We Collect At Designated Site

Our team collects the equipment and all serial numbers are scanned in on site.

Reporting and Certificates Provided

Serial tracking of all equipment and/or approximate weight, Safe Disposal certificates, and Data Destruction Certificates are provided.