Unique Industry leading, JUST ECO initiative

1.     Are you selling valuable used ICT assets to the highest bidder?
2.     What do they do with the assets, and can they prove downstream chain of custody?
3.     Are they licensed, compliant and are they acting responsibly and legally?

If you are unsure of any of the above questions, then you need to consider Refurbishment for Donation Solution (CSR, CSI & ED) our unique :

  • Claim valuable BBBEE points with this offer – this service comes at NO direct cost to you!
  • NPO’s, NPC’s, PBO’s (none profit companies & public benefit organisations) & educational institutions benefit by our refurbishment for donation service. By donating a refurbished product you are sure that the end user will be able to enjoy the full potential of their donated equipment.
  • Donation of refurbished IT assets also contributes largely to your social investment & responsibility.
  • To date we have donated more than 2500 computer systems & saved our clients many thousands of Rands.
  • All logistics & relevant documentation is arranged and managed on your behalf.

Please Speak to us about our Enterprise Development programs.

  • Assets valued at either the Asset register value or Market related value (whichever is higher)
  • TAX rebate on the full value of donated equipment
  • BBBEE Points can be claimed on donated equipment & equipment utilized for ED
  • Associated Press & public awareness benefits from CSI programs
  • Streamlined hand to hand process, JUST ECO handles the entire process
  • Full transparency of the entire process, the client knows at all times where the equipment is
  • Serial tracking of all equipment, Re-use certificates, Safe Disposal certificates, certificates Data Sanitisation
  • Full compliance to legislation, i.e.: Waste Act, POPI Act, CPA
  • Equipment software re-licensing where needed
  • Factory refurbishment of equipment with a 12 month warranty
  • Cradle to cradle system for all donated equipment
  • SLA contract with clearly defined policies & procedures to ensure efficiency
  • CO² emission offsets through refurbishment of redundant ICT equipment

Refurbishment versus Straightforward Buy Out (illustrative purposes only)

Refurbishment for donation
Qty assets x Value = Tax Rebate
e.g.. : 2 000 x R1 500.00 = R3 000 000-00
Section 18 A certificate issued for the
amount of R3 000 000-00 Tax Rebate

Straight Forward Buy Out
Qty assets x Market Value ÷ 2 = Rebate
e.g.: 2 000 x R1 500.00 ÷ 2 = R1 500 000-00
Generally other Service providers will only
offer approximately 50% of market value of
goods as they must refurbish goods first in
order to resell it for a profit (calculation assumes 50%)

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